This is to inform all sources of supply of goods, including; Manufacturer/manufacturer, supplier manufacturer/trader, and stores applying for registration in the supply list Suppliers of Ilam May Petrochemical Company to evaluate and register in the list of supply­­ The authorized agents of this company, according to the type of activity, compared to completing one of the questionnaires­ and after all the pages have been stamped and signed by the obliging signatory along with other requested documents and documents in the final part of the questionnaire,  Send to the email address  SOURCING@ILAMPETRO.COM  Send.

It should be noted that:

  1. Each of the requested documents such as articles of association, images of sales contracts, letters of recommendation, resume­ documents related to financial ability, licenses and certificates, etc. must be sent separately and in PDF format together with the questionnaire.
  2.  Manufacturing­companies­ Those who are also active in the field of supply of goods should, in addition to completing the producers' questionnaire, supply questionnaire. complete and send the applicants as well.
  3. Companies that are members of AVL of the Ministry of Oil or Persian Gulf Holding,  It is not included in the initial assessment, and by completing the questionnaire related to the type of activity, presenting the articles of association and announcing the latest changes of the company, they will be included in the list of sources of supply of goods of Ilam Petrochemical Company.




Department of technical services of goods and resources of the trading

unit of Ilam Petrochemical Company

Phone:  38390000-084 internal 167

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Questionnaire form for evaluating the performance of suppliers of goods

Questionnaire form for evaluating the executive power of product manufacturers

Questionnaire form for evaluating the performance of stores