The growing trend of the global economy, the increase in energy demand, the key role of oil and gas in the growth and development of the dynamic industrial petrochemical industry and one of the important industries in the economic and social development of different countries of the world, which has a high share of global trade. Considering the increasing value of petrochemical products, the development and production of petrochemical products is considered inevitable. The great expansion of this industry and the increase in the number of its players has created a tough competition between producers, among which research and development is the main factor of competitiveness and one of the most important influencing factors to achieve progress and development in the petrochemical industry, which Encouraging the growth of creativity and innovation in petrochemical industries to recognize and optimize existing processes, recognize and choose new processes and gain technical knowledge of processes, design and develop new processes, internalize the supply of chemical needs and the requirements needed by the petrochemical industry, increase income, make optimal use of Human power and productivity improvement.

Relying on the new approach that has arisen in the Ministry of Oil on the role and importance of research and development and the range of activities, Ilam Petrochemical Research and Development Unit has started its activities in the direction of organizing and expanding research activities. This center is in charge of defining, approving and managing the research activities needed by the company. Its most important goals are:

  • Quantitative and qualitative improvement of production
  • Improving quality, health, safety, environment and energy
  • Stability and increase in company income
  • Review and upgrade the level of organizational systems
  • Implementation of research projects in the direction
    • Reducing technical problems and solving production bottlenecks
    • Reduction of production costs
    • Product quality improvement
    • Increase profitability
    • Optimal use of human resources
    • Creating value and increasing competitiveness
  • Applying and producing the results of research activities

Strategy and policies of research and development unit

  • Creating an effective and continuous connection between the research and development unit and the operation units and integrated process in order to improve the company's policies, increase production and eliminate process bottlenecks.
  • Supporting the company's research system through supporting master's theses and above and articles that are in the path of excellence in the goals of the research and development unit.
  • Strengthening the effective communication between the company and universities, research institutes and knowledge-based companies and expanding the transfer of information, knowledge and technology to the company.
  • Formulating research priorities in order to strengthen research infrastructures and target researches in order to solve process problems and bottlenecks, continuity of production, etc. in the company
  • Determining the committee and research teams and making policies and planning for the regular meetings of the Integrated Research Council
  • Detailed review and judgment of proposed plans in accordance with regulations and executive instructions (regulations)
  • Monitoring the implementation of research projects
  • Optimizing processes and energy management in order to increase profitability and reduce production costs
  • Presentation of specialized conferences and the results of completed projects
  • Cooperating with the HSE unit and conducting research in order to reduce, eliminate pollutants, waste or convert them into valuable materials.
  • Efforts to increase the reputation of the research and development unit outside the complex by presenting articles in scientific conferences, winning awards in prestigious festivals, etc.
  • Using the successful experiences of research projects to provide consulting services to other companies to solve their process problems in order to earn money for Ilam Petrochemical Company as an economic enterprise.
  • The use of experienced, educated, interested and familiar with the research method in integrated units as well as the research ability of researchers and professors of domestic or foreign universities and research centers in carrying out research projects.
  • Planning to update the specialized information of the personnel of the research and development unit in the field of new technology and research achievements through participation in congresses, seminars, exhibitions and specialized domestic and foreign courses.
  • Using and developing the database of research projects of research and development unit to record the information of research projects