Ilam Petrochemical Company intends to build a complete sulfur recovery package (SRP) (unit 90) and sulfur solidification unit (SRP) in order to recover pure sulfur from acid and sour gases imported from units 30, 40 and 60 in the SRU unit. SSU (Unit 95)

This unit is located in the Ilam Petrochemical area, located in the Chavar section of Ilam Province, Iran.

The units consist of all required facilities, with the exception of the facilities that are supplied from the existing units in the petrochemical complex, to produce 8815 MTPY of primary sulfur and 20600 MTPY of fuel gas with a maximum of 10 ppm H2S. In addition, the SRP unit is designed for stable operation equal to 40% of the design capacity, equivalent to 355 days per year (with a flow factor of 92%).

The Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRP) consists of the acid gas enrichment section to enrich the matured feeds from the C4+ hydrotreating unit (30) and C5+ hydrotreating unit (40), Claus section, Tail Gas treatment section, sulfur degassing section and waste incinerator section.

Sulfur solidification unit (SSU) includes sulfur storage tank, sulfur granulation package, material handling equipment and packaging department.

Noorhan Industries Company is the EPC contractor of the project and the Petroleum Industry Research Institute (RIPR) has been appointed to transfer the technical know-how and carry out the Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) for the SRP.