Now that as a small member of the petrochemical industry, the success of serving in the land of the governor and hero of dear Ilam Aziz, in the westernmost part of Iran, has been given to me, I thanked the Almighty God and thanked the almighty for being with the zealous, sincere, brave and religious border guards of the land of Alamo who I am proud to say that they are among the most patient and understanding citizens of Islamic Iran.

Due to its huge and strategic reserves of oil and gas, especially the 420 km common border with Iraq, Ilam is considered a small country, which alone has the possibility of solving many of the country's problems. The international border of Mehran, which was once a place of threat, has now become a huge opportunity for Ilam and Iran, and as an expensive place for religious tourism in the west of the country, it has many golden opportunities, and it is clear that the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals is in this fertile land. , has a double value and has impressive and significant economic, cultural and social effects.

Therefore, it is expected from the children of Najib and the elite youth of the province to strive with effort, zeal and prejudice to realize the slogan of the year and increase productivity, and it is evident to reach the peaks of progress and development, especially the conquest of the stronghold of production, the support of the senior officials of the province and the companionship of the martyred people of this province. The land will also be a part of the success of Ilam Petrochemical Company.

In the end, while respecting and honoring the position of the patient and dear shareholders of Ilam Petrochemical, we ask for their continued support and encouragement so that by using the existing and potential capacities of the region and the company, we can increase profitability, expand the business window, and increase the quality. Products and services, promotion of safety, health and compliance with environmental dos and don'ts, properly protect the rights and dignity of respected shareholders and provide their satisfaction in practice.

"God willing"

Seyyed Gholamhassan Garshasbi
CEO of Ilam Petrochemical Company