Consider your best treasure as meritorious deeds (Hazrat Ali (a.s.)

All the employees of Ilam Petrochemical Company have considered themselves committed to preserving human dignity and put the following moral foundations at the forefront of their activities, relying on God Almighty and respecting moral and professional values in order to achieve the lofty goals of the society and organization.

Compliance with morals and respect for the work environment
Adherence to the rules and regulations of the organization of the bequest from the available resources
Compliance with the principles of safety, work hygiene and environmental protection
Responsibility towards stakeholders and respect for clients
Observance of order, discipline, neat appearance, honesty and loyalty
Avoiding any discrimination in service and avoiding abuse of your office position
Trying to optimize activities and avoid wastage and waste of time and organizational resources
Promoting the culture of criticism, interaction and participation in the direction of continuous improvement of the organization
Appreciating new ideas in providing services
Improving the scientific, qualitative and technical level of myself and colleagues through continuous learning and the use of today's technology

I request all my respected colleagues to implement the above and use all their efforts to maintain the position of Ilam Petrochemical as a customer-oriented, productive, innovative and efficient company in human dignity at the level of the region and the country.

Seyyed Gholamhassan Garshasbi