Holding a special homework celebration for children

The girls of Ilam Petrochemicals wore God's servant clothes

Saturday، 14 January 2023 | Code of News : 1241 | Article Rating
The spiritual ceremony of the celebration of the special duty of the daughters of the large family of Ilam Petrochemical Company was held in the presence of Gershasbi, the CEO of the company, Hojjatul-Islam "Shahabuddin Mihanparast" Imam of Juma Chovar, and Hojjatul-Islam Habibi, a professor of Islamic medicine.
The girls of Ilam Petrochemicals wore God's servant clothes

According to the public relations report of Ilam Petrochemical, Hojjatul Islam, the patriotic imam of Juma Chavar, said in this ceremony: Petrochemical is an industrial and labor environment, but it has been successful and effective in important cultural fields.

Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Mihanparast listed the change in the lifestyle of families and children as one of the most important causes of problems in the society and added: "Prayer is the language of praise to God and the best thanks to God."
Imam Jumeh Chovar stated that girls are pure human gems and raising children based on encouraging and persuading girls is considered a form of worship and added: Ilam Petrochemical has taken significant actions in the field of culture and social responsibilities.
This report indicates that Hojjat-ul-Islam Habibi's speech on traditional and Islamic medicine, eulogy of Ahl al-Bayt (pbuh) and congregational prayer led by the patriotic Hojjat-ul-Islam were among the other programs of this ceremony.


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